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Solving the common problem of dental anxieties

Nitrous oxide “happy gas” is used to as a relaxing treatment which is inhaled through a small mask that fits over your nose. It is used for patients who have anxieties or are unnerved about having dental treatment.

Why do we offer sedation?

We know that a lot of patients feel anxious and unrelaxed when they are told they need to have a dental procedure. To give you the most comfort we provide ‘Happy Gas’ which helps you to relax making the treatment go as smooth as possible.

What will I feel when I get sedated?

Once the mask has been placed over your nose the dentist will ask you to breathe normally. You should start to feel the effects of the happy gas in the first few minutes.

Some people say that when they are sedated their hands, arms or legs tingle or they feel light headed. The main aim is to calm you down and feel relaxed. Some people say it gives them the giggles, which is where it got it nickname of ‘happy gas’ from.  All these feelings will start to reduce once the mask has been removed from your nose.

The feelings of happy gas will change for each individual.

Is sedation safe?

Nitrous is mix of nitrogen and oxygen which is both safe and effective. Sedation does not aim to put you to sleep but to ease your anxieties and to be able to relax. You will be able to see and hear everything going on around you, allowing to communicate with the dentist and follow any instructions. You will be able to breathe normally through your nose and you will not be left with any effects of the happy gas once the mask has been removed.

Happy gas is safe, easy to administrate and does not stay in the body.

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At My Dental Care @ West End, we provide a sedation service. Contact us today and take that step towards improving your smile and overall oral health.