Dental Splint

Dental Splint Treatment Brisbane

Protect your teeth from damage at night

Do your teeth and jaw ache from grinding your teeth during the night?

Grinding (known as Bruxism) can cause a multiple of problems such as wearing down the teeth enamel, opening them up for infections or teeth cracking. In worst cases grinding your teeth can lead to extreme tooth damage or even tooth loss.

What is a splint?

A dental splint is also known as occlusal splint, a night guard, bite split or a bite plane. It is a removable device when is custom designed and moulded to the top or bottom set of teeth. This mould is worn at night to help reduce the amount of damage done to teeth cause by teeth grinding. The mould is made out of soft polyurethane which is hard and durable.

The splint takes the pressure off the teeth and prevents them being worn down or damaged. The muscles and ligaments in the mouth and jaw are allowed to relax, relieving the tension and tightness in the face.

A dental splint can also be recommended if you have TMJ disorder that causes pain.

How will I know if I grind my teeth?

Most people get told they grind their teeth during the night due to the noise it creates, meaning it can be noticed by other people. Other symptoms of teeth grinding or clenching include:

  • Aching teeth or jaw when you wake up
  • Jaw pain (including in the temporomandibular joint- TMJ)
  • Noticeable worn down teeth, surfaces are not as sharp
  • Broken, chipped or cracked teeth
  • Headaches or tension headaches

If you notice any of these symptoms or are concerned that you grind your teeth, your dentist can talk to you about preventing any damage being done to your teeth.

Dental Splints Brisbane

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