Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal Brisbane

Reduce the pain and discomfit bought on by wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are a common reason why some of us feel pain around the back of our mouths. Some people feel pain when they are emerging, or when chewing and eating food. If the dentist thinks that your wisdom teeth are becoming problematic, they have the option to remove them.

Why are my wisdom teeth hurting?

When our wisdom teeth start erupting, around the ages of 16-22, our mouths might not have the space for them. This can cause issues such as them emerging at an angle, not fully emerging and overcrowding. These issues can cause pain and discomfort and can also lead to other oral problems such as being unable to clean them properly resulting in infections or gum disease.

An important first step if you are concerned about your wisdom teeth, is to make an appointment as our dentists are able to notice any problems that may be causing pain.

Is it painful to remove wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are in a difficult position in the mouth and the procedure is classed as major surgery. Either general or local anaesthesia are options which will be decided on and dependent on your individual situation.

As this is a surgical procedure, people usually experience some pain and discomfort, especially after the surgery when the anaesthesia starts to wear off.

What can I eat after wisdom teeth removal?

We want you to return to your normal eating habits as soon as possible after having wisdom teeth. Although for the first few days after treatment you might need to pay more attention to what you are eating.

It is advised to follow these steps to speed up the healing process:

  • For the first few days into recovery do not eat solid foods, consume alcohol, coffee or any hot drinks.
  • Soups and liquid foods are a good option immediately after treatment. Consider having the temperature at lukewarm, as hot foods can cause extra sensitivity.
  • Foods that require little or no chewing such as yoghurts, soft puddings or mashed potato are great options. Even soft pasta can be suitable as it can be chewed very lightly.
  • Avoid drinking through a straw as this could rip or tear any stitches
  • Fizzy soda drinks are unadvised as the bubbles and acidity can loosen any blood clots causing which can cause pain or stinging.
  • Foods that need excessive chewing such as nuts, meats, or popcorn are not suitable as they can cause pain and can get stuck in the areas that need healing.

Recovering from wisdom teeth removal:

After surgery it is likely you will experience some pain or discomfort which could involve some bleeding. You need to make sure not to damage or harm your gums whilst they are trying to heal. Following the advised aftercare and the “what can I eat after wisdom teeth removal” section is a good start to prevent harm to the gums.

Your dentist might recommend some pain relief medication. Placing an ice pack on the area can reduce swelling and reduce inflammation. It is important to keep your mouth clean without agitating the area. This involves light brushing and limited flossing.

The recovery period is different for each person. It will depend on the intensity of the surgery, how many teeth are removed and how quickly your body recovers.


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