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Sporting injuries are the most common reason for a mouth guard. Many dental problems occur from accidents during sporting activities. Problems such as damage or tooth loss, cut lips or a broken jaw are all related to sporting injuries and can cause further problems to occur within your mouth and jaw.

What are mouth guards used for?

A mouth guard is there to simply protect your teeth. This is a cheaper and a more effective solution than dental treatment. Aggressive sporting activities where you have the possibility to experience a sporting injury, need a mouth guard to be worn at all times. We strongly recommend a mouth guards for sports such as hockey, rugby, boxing and other contact sports.

Mouth guards for teeth grinding are also known as dental splints [/treatments/restorative dentistry/ dental splints/] and is something we offer through our restorative dentistry services.

Why is it better to get a mouth guard from my dentist?

Mouth guards are available to buy from sports stores however they are not customer designed for your teeth. It is strongly recommended to invest in an appropriate mouthguard that will give you the maximum protection from sporting injuries.

The mouthguard supplied from your dentist will be custom fitted and is specially designed for the fit of your mouth. This increases protection and comfort. The dentist can make sure that the teeth and even the gums are protected by the mouthguard.

How do I clean my mouth guard?

It is important to take care of your mouthguard by keeping it in a mouthguard case. This protects them from any damage and allows it to breathe.

It is also important to clean your mouthguard otherwise it will start to smell and can lead to bad breath. You should clean the mouthguard after every use. The bacteria and food particles that have built up on your teeth will transfer to the mouth guard.

Brush and scrub the mouth guard like you would your teeth. Some people find a children’s small toothbrush allows for easier cleaning. Ensure you let it to dry so prevent bacteria building up.

A longer process is to soak it in a solution which keeps the mouth guard fresh and clean. Be sure to ask your dentist which solution to use as some solutions could be too strong and could damage your mouthguard.

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