Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update #3

The Prime Minister announced the easing of restrictions on dental practice to level 2 under the ADA Dental Service Restrictions from Monday 27th April. Under level 2 restrictions, dental treatments are permissible with transmission-based, contact, and droplet precautions. 

Dental Treatment allowed under Level 2 restriction 

  • Routine dental examinations 
  • Restorations with rubber dam. 
  • Non-surgical extractions 
  • Hand scaling (no use of ultrasonic scalers) 
  • Temporomandibular dysfunction management 
  • Denture procedures 
  • Preventative dental treatment such as fluoride application 
  • Orthodontic treatment 

Our usual high standards of hygiene are being intensified to coincide with the COVID-19 virus precautions. 

It is essential that we work together with all patients to ensure the safety of our patients, practice staff, dentist, and the wider community. 

We would kindly ask all our patient : 

inform our clinic if you have any signs of coughing, fever, sneezing, and other flu-like symptoms.

to arrive at their appointment time 5-10 minutes before their appointment. Please minimize your accompany personnel.

hand sanitizer will be provided upon arrival. Temperature will also be checked.

Antiseptic mouth rinse will be provided for rinsing prior dental treatment. Please advise us if you have any allergy or preference of mouth rinse. 

Our practice will continue to implement: 

remove all magazines in the reception area and arrange a chair to ensure that social distancing is maintained 

routinely sanitizing high contact areas such as door handle, bench, desktop area.

utilizing a higher level of PPE such as face shield, level 2 surgical masks

additional time allowed between allow social distancing

regular internal auditing and training on infection control practice. 

At My Dental Care @ Westend, we understand that your oral health is important and we will continue to provide the best care we possibly can while abiding by all health protocols. 

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